Our regional partners: Guarantee of quality

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Ein Foto der Familie Renner, die den Eierhof Renner betreibt, der das Schneider Bräuhaus München mit Eiern beliefert

Renner eggs

We receive our eggs from the family business Anton and Hilde Renner GbR from Walpertskirchen near Erding. The hens are fed with freshly cut cereals and home grown corn. This allows the feeding to be ideally adapted to the current needs of the animals. Soya (protein supply) and lime (stable eggshell) are added to give the animals a balanced diet.
This ensures the very best egg quality.

Weisl vegetables

The farm on the outskirts of Munich in the Ismaninger corridor provides us with our greens. All products are produced by Weisl only to order, stored in their own cold store and delivered with their own trucks on the following day. The agricultural production follows the guidelines of the neutral controlled cultivation and is controlled by the Landeskuratorium für pflanzliche Erzeugung in Bayern e.V. (State advisory board for plant production in Bavaria). Weisl Gemüse GmbH works according to the legal provisions of the HACCP concept and regularly carries out quality controls.

Ein regionaler Partner des Schneider Bräuhaus München, Weisl Gemüse, beliefert das Restaurant mit Kraut
Eine Aufnahme von Ludwig Leidmann vom Münchner Schlachthof, der das Schneider Bräuhaus München mit Spanferkeln beliefert.

MRT-Ludwig Leidmann

We source our suckling pig from our longtime supplier Ludwig Leidmann from the Munich slaughterhouse. Daily slaughtering with veterinary examinations on site and the short transport times of the animals guarantee the best quality. As a recognised QA company (quality assurance system), a reliable traceability of the suckling pig is guaranteed at all times, which is brought to the slaughterhouse every day by the surrounding producer groups.

Brunner nursery

The Brunner nursery in Regensburg specialises in vegetable production and produces products using the methods of integrated cultivation.
For our dishes we use these vegetables of the highest quality. Regular monitoring of crops, soil surveys and cooperation with state and private advisory centres and inspection institutes (fertiliser recommendations) contribute to the appropriate use of fertilisers and biological plant protection products. A soil and environmentally friendly crop rotation is achieved by regular crop rotation and catch crops (sunflowers).

Verschiedenes Gemüse der Gärtnerei Brunner in Regensburg, welche das Schneider Bräuhaus mit frischem Gemüse beliefert.
Die beiden Geschäftsführer der Metzgerei Ott, dem Weißwurstlieferanten des Schneider Bräuhaus, stehen vor Ihrem Firmenlogo

Ott & Sohn butchers

We source our traditional white sausages from the family owned company Ott from Engelsberg-Wiesmühl / Alz. The outstanding freshness and quality achieved by daily cutting and production are among the business principles of the Ott butchery. The company was awarded the Gold “Prize of the best” by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) Food Test Centre. This quality certificate is only awarded to companies that stand out as a result of their many years of high quality production.


The founding of the BayernOX® brand is the result of an initiative by the Münchner Innenstadtwirte e.V (Munich city centre landlords), which has set itself the goal of sourcing beef directly from the immediate region. In close cooperation with the regional farmers from the areas of Miesbach, Traunstein and Weilheim, we are supplied with premium quality local beef. In addition to the Bavarian standard “tested quality”, BayernOX also guarantees the keeping and care of animals with grazing obligation and soybean meal-free feeding.

Das Logo von "BayernOX®", einer Initiative, die sich dafür einsetzt, Rindfleisch von regionalen Landwirten zu beziehen
Das Logo von "Burgis Knödelliebe", einem Partner des Schneider Bräuhauses München


Dumpling lovers and close to home: The Burgis family business from the Oberpfalz produces typical Bavarian and innovative dumpling specialties. Their most important raw material is the regional potato, the appreciation is accordingly great. Thus, the company uses only potatoes from the region, awarded the quality seal “tested quality - Bavaria”. As leader of innovation, Burgis is involved in such trends as food trucks and is also actively involved online - Burgis always creates the link between tradition and modernity.