Top fermented beers


Meine helle Weisse (My light Weisse)

The light coloured joy for the senses

Enjoy the moment: “My light Weisse” – the light coloured Hefeweissbier with the original typical Schneider Weisse taste, full bodied and intense. Its mild freshness invigorates and makes your senses dance. Perfect for daydreaming on a relaxed summer afternoon - that's loving life in Bavaria!

served in the bottle 0,5 l: 4,23 €
fresh from the barrel 0,3 l: 3,27 €


Mein Kristall (My Kristall)

The fine one to get in the mood

Perfect for pleasant occasions: “My Kristall” - the sparkling crystal clear Weissbier without yeast, ideal as an aperitif in a slender Prosecco glass. Its fine carbon dioxide is stimulating and is delightfully right. It tastes surprisingly delicious with fish dishes. And of course, if you prefer in the classic way, in a Weissbier glass.

served in the bottle 0,5 l: 4,23 €


Mein Alkoholfrei (My alcohol-free)

The powerful energy Weisse

Even from its colour the power can be seen: “My alcohol-free” - the slightly darker, isotonically strong thirst quencher with 100% Weissbier enjoyment with less than 0.5% alcohol. This is how an alcohol-free Weissbier should taste: strong - like Bavaria.

served in the bottle 0,5 l: 4,23 €
fresh from the barrel 0,3 l: 3,27 €


Meine Festweisse (My Festweisse)

For celebration highlights

Ideal for celebrations “My Festweisse” – the bright golden Weissbier, according to the old celebration beer recipe. It owes its fresh-bitter note to the precious Cascade hop and the fruity Schneider yeast - a pleasure that couldn’t be more refreshing and tasty. It tastes great with fine greens, with light dishes, and, of course, in festive company.

served in the bottle 0,5 l: 4,74 €


Meine Hopfenweisse (My Hopfenweisse)

A new Weissbier dimension

Go on a journey of discovery: “My Hopfenweisse” - the incomparable pleasure experience that surpasses all expectations ... hoppy, but floral, bitter and full bodied, yet with a malty aromatic sweetness - that's how versatile Weissbier can taste. A great delight specially made in Schneider style! And with spicy dishes and refined chocolates, it is a true firework for your senses!

served in the bottle 0,5 l: 4,74 €
fresh from the barrel 0,3 l: 3,50 €


Mein Aventinus (My Aventinus)

As a reward for the day

For those great moments by the fireplace: “My Aventinus” - the full bodied, dark ruby coloured indulgence, intense and full of fire, warming, balanced and soft. Bavaria's oldest wheat Doppelbock - since 1907! Its strong body in combination with its malty aromatic sweetness offers real deep pleasure - an ingenious combination, perfectly drinkable. It also goes excellently with hearty, dark roasts and sweet desserts.

served in the bottle or fresh from the barrel 0,5 l: 5,15 €
fresh from the barrel 0,3 l: 3,82 €


Mein Original (My Original)

A Weissbier like home

Brewing art for Weissbier connoisseurs: “My Original” - the traditional Hefeweissbier based on the original recipe of Georg I. Schneider, brewed unchanged since 1872 and popular. Deep amber, harmoniously balanced and powerful. That is how Bavaria tastes. That's the taste of home - whether at home or at a sociable regulars’ table.

served in the bottle or fresh from the barrel 0,5 l: 4,23 €
fresh from the barrel 0,3 l: 3,27 €

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Meine leichte Weisse (My light Weisse)

Complete enjoyment all day long

Enjoy light in a carefree way: “My light Weisse” - the Hefeweisse with less alcohol and the full aromatic Weissbier taste. Ideal for in-between, for lunch or maybe in the afternoon. Its refreshingly tangy note provides drinkable, perfect enjoyment and suits every occasion - of course also in the evening.

served in the bottle 0,5 l: 4,23 €

Aventinus Eisbock

Unbelievably sensual

Magic and black soul: “Aventinus Eisbock” - the mahogany coloured, almost black Eisbock for sensual pleasure in a brandy snifter. Ice matured according to a special recipe, with a soft, elegant body, yet powerfully intense, this Schneider speciality seduces at the very first sip: Spicy plum, banana and clove aromas with a hint of bitter almond and marzipan are mysteriously revealed - simply magical. And especially seductive as a digestif. Or with crepes, dark chocolate, tiramisu and fully matured parmesan.

served in the bottle 0,33 l: 4,83 €